Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted via a project specific submission form:

Alternatively, you can email me directly.

Before you submit a bug report, please try the following:

  1. Delete the .mat files generated by rfxplot in your 2nd level analyses (rfx_images.mat,rfx_design.mat, rfx_timeseries.mat). You can keep rfx_opts.mat which holds your saved plot configurations.
  2. Delete the global variables related to rfxplot. Type clear global des imgs ts at the MATLAB prompt.

Most errors occur, because the rfx*.mat files are not generated correctly. Deleting them will cause rfxplot to regenerate them. Rerun rfxplot. If your error still persists, please file a bug report.

rfxplot now manages its own error handling and provides information on the MATLAB command line of what to do, when you want to report an error.

  1. Upon reaching an error, rfxplot will tell you to type rfx_debug = 1; at the MATLAB prompt and rerun rfxplot until you reach the error again.
  2. During this second run, rfxplot will create two files (a text file with the error message, and .mat file with the function workspace) and at the end will tell you how to email to send these files as a bug report. To resume normal behavior (i.e. not create the debugging files), type rfx_debug = 0; at the MATLAB prompt again.

Mailing Lists

Subscribe to rfxplot-users for discussions on the use of rfxplot.

Subscribe to rfxplot-announce to be informed about updates and new releases of rfxplot.

Miscellaneous Issues

Updating Image handles

rfxplot will fail to generate some its necessary rfx*.mat files if the images handles in the 1st level SPM structs are not up-to-date (i.e. empty). In particular, This might happen for con/ess/spmT/spmF-images. If you get an error then (rfxplot will let you know about this), then run revol_xcon.m (included in the distribution) which will update the image handles for these images.

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