System Requirements

Starting with Revision 19, rfxplot needs a recent MATLAB version (7.5/R2007b or later). You also need to install SPM5 (or later) and the mandatory and/or optional toolboxes below. Support for SPM2 may be available by popular demand.

The older version (R16), which can be run without a recent MATLAB version but which is lacking the latest features and bug fixes is available here.

Mandatory Toolboxes

In order to use the rfxplot at all, the following files have to be downloaded:

  1. rfxplot, the toolbox itself. The current version is $Revision: 52$.

  2. NaN-Suite, a collection of MATLAB function that compute mean, std, sem etc. for N-dimensional arrays ignoring NaNs. (alternative download)

See Documentation for instructions on how to install rfxplot in your local SPM installation.

Optional Toolboxes

The functionality of rfxplot can be enhanced by the following toolboxes:

  1. Statistics Toolbox (commercially available from MathWorks)


    StixBox (written by Anders Holtsberg and freely available without charge).

    Both toolboxes provide a function for computing percentiles (prctile.m or quantile.m) one of which is required by rfxplot when splitting parametric modulator into several different bins based on the percentile range of the modulator (see Documentation for details). rfxplot will automatically detect the installation of either one of these funtions and work with either of them.

  2. Image Processing Toolbox (commercially available from MathWorks). When plotting event-related BOLD time course, rfxplot will offer to resample the time series which requires the resample.m function of this toolbox.

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