rfxplot is distributed with an extensive User Manual which is also included in the download files. If you have questions, you can email me.

rfxplot has been developed and tested under SPM5 and will be updated to work with future versions of SPM. The toolbox may work with SPM2. If you intent to use it with SPM2, you probably need to download a few SPM5 files and place them in your MATLAB path. Be aware that these files may become outdated and therefore may cause interference with any existing SPM5 installation. If you encounter further problems and/or error messages, please consider filing a Bug Report.

rfxplot will NOT work with SPM99 and earlier version of SPM and support is not intended.


The installation of rfxplot is straightforward.

  1. Unzip in the toolbox directory in your local SPM installation. To start using rfxplot, open a 2nd level analysis using the 'Results'-Button in SPM and select a voxel of interest. Then select "rfxplot" from the Toolboxes dropdown menu in the upper left SPM window.

  2. The nansuite (and potentially also the stixbox) folder must be included in the MATLAB path.

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